Ordering Process

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To start the ordering process, please read the information below and then send us an email! We will require some information from you. 

The First Step in the ordering process - Measurements 

We have hundreds of patterns on file, send us an email to see if we have your mattress pattern. If we do not, we have three methods in which we can take care of measurements.


1. If you are in the GTA and surrounding areas, we may come take the measurements for you.

2. We can send our DIY kit which contains a marker, a large piece of plastic, and instructions so you may easily trace the outline of your mattress. 

3. We can email a detailed illustration of your mattress demonstrating each measurement we will need from you. 


If you would like to take measurements yourself 


Upon order request, we will illustrate your exact bed so we can easily demonstrate all the measurements we will need from you. You will need to measure: 


1. Every side of your mattress 
2. The thickness of your mattress
3. The widest points of your mattress 
4. The longest points of your mattress

Please include the make, model, and year of your yacht or boat.


Unsure of how to take measurements?


Let us know! We will send you our DIY kit witch contains a large piece of plastic, instructions, and a marker so you may easily trace the outline of your mattress. No measurements needed


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Please Note***

Bedding requests are usually made-to-order within approximately 5-10 business days after measurements have been provided and full payment has been made. 


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