Non - Allergenic Alpaca Fur - Filled Pillow

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Non Allergenic Alpaca Fur - Filled Pillow

Alpaca Wool is one of the most ethical products available and is completely eco-friendly throughout its production. Alpacas are not hurt or killed for their fur and they are not at all harmed come shearing time. Great care is taken so as not to distress the animal or damage the alpaca wool.

A better alternative to feather pillows, these light-weight, warm, breathable and non-allergenic alpaca-filled pillows will provide you with the perfect sleep. Made in standard size and will fit our standard pillow cases.

Medium firmness
Pillow contains: 70% alpaca / 30% wool

Care Instructions
**Air dry ONLY**
To clean: Dry clean or clean with Eucalan Natural laundry detergent.
Allow to air dry. DO NOT air fluff in dryer. You may also use a Front Load washer as they do not agitate. Use the gentle cycle with cold water and lay flat to dry.
DO NOT put in the dryer.

Our alpaca pillows are great paired with our alpaca filled duvets